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The World's first Twitter murder mystery novel starts today, 17th November 2009

The world's first entirely Twittered murder mystery novel has started on Twitter. Reading it is completely free, readers just have to sign up for Twitter.com and then follow @whodunit140.

'I love the idea of people being able to read the story without having to pay for it,' said the author, 'as well as the freedom to write whatever I like.'

The story will develop every day, and is being written directly on Twitter. 'Some people have claimed to write a Twitter novel, but all they have done is rewrite and abbreviate a manuscript they have already written. Whodunit140 is being written especially for Twitter.'

Readers can get involved by sending replies to @whodunit140.

'The interactivity is amazing, it is instant, whether it is praise or criticism. Most novels are published once, but I have to publish everyday. It is stressful, but exciting!'

Whodunit140 is a murder mystery novel written entirely in 140 character chapters on Twitter.

Sign up to follow completely free at http://www.twitter.com/whodunit140
More details can be found at http://www.aesthetes.com/twitter-novel.php

For further information: The World's first Twitter murder mystery novel starts today

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